In which situations would it prove beneficial to hire an Interim Manager?

Temporary replacement of a management position

  • – Retirement / Resignation
  • – Temporary off work
  • – Pending for a final incorporation

Major organizational change management

  • – Intervention after a case of Due Diligence or a merger
  • – Restructuring of areas / departments / business units
  • – Professionalization of the family council
  • – Preparation of generational succession
  • – Management of new company acquisition process
  • – Implementation of cost reduction plans
  • – Implementation of a new production line
  • – Implementation ERP / SOX / ISO / Tax rules
  • – Management of company sales process
  • – Management of company merger process
  • – Development of management skills to deal with changes

– Development of management skills to deal with changes

  • – Entry into international markets
  • – Development and implementation of strategic plans
  • – Development of new business models
  • – Development of new market niches
  • – Launching of new product lines (diversification)

Consolidation and professionalization of a start-up company

  • – Piloting of start-up’s, sideline projects and DBT’s in their initial stages

Which are the advantages of hiring an Interim Manager?

An Interim Manager involves incorporation of highly experienced professionals with a specific mission to carry out, that the company considers strategic and requires maximum dedication, experience and knowledge providing a contractual obligation only while carrying out the project which implies a variable cost for the company.

Complements the current management team of the company, which involves increasing the value of the team, with the possibility of mentoring.

Management based on objectives, not by number of hours, which involves higher productivity, commitment and engagement by the person performing as Interim Manager.

Fast execution and flexibility to start, based on relevant experience.

Greater objectivity in the performance of his managerial tasks thanks to their external view of the company.