We want to share with you the reasons for creating this association. We hope you share the same ideas!

  • RESPONSIBILITY: We are a private and non-profit  organization formed by people and companies committed to  professional development and  talent management, and we know that grouping individual interests we are able to solve collective problems that may affect us directly or indirectly

  • VISIBILITY: We are pioneers in Spain, we intend to give a name to a concept of management, Interim Management, feasible and beneficial for businesses and also highly qualified, experienced managers and professionals seeking new professional horizons.

  • ALTERNATIVE: We intend to promote the Interim Management as an alternative employment for a collective of highly qualified professionals.

  • ADVICE: It is important to take the right steps at the right time and in the right direction. Many of us already have done it before.

  • NETWORKING: We want to be the meeting point between companies requiring this kind of services and professionals who provide them.

  • REPRESENTATIVITY: There are almost no specific public initiatives that deal with this type of professional profile, therefore, it is necessary to make this association more visible to public institutions and society in general.

  • DEVELOPMENT: We want to facilitate and promote the recycling of highly qualified professionals in management tasks so they can readjust their skills to the interim management in companies.